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 UP PKB Pulogadung Mulai Layani Kendaraan Limpahan dari PKB Ujung Menteng
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Pulogadung UP PKB Serves Additional 150 Customers from Ujung Menteng

Vehicle testing (KIR) service at Pulogadung UP PKB, East Jakarta, on Tuesday (12/28) looked more crowded than usual.

Only customers that have booked online and paid for the administration that we serve here

It was happened due to KIR service at Ujung Menteng UP PKB that temporarily closed until Monday (1/4) after 8 employees at Ujung Menteng UP PKB were confirmed being exposed to COVID-19.

Pulogadung PKB Administration Sub-division Head, Fatchuri conveyed, on average, it usually reaches 450 vehicles on a normal day. Today, there are additional 150 vehicles from Ujung Menteng UP PKB. Thus in total it reaches 600 vehicles that take KIR test today at Pulogadung UP PKB.

KIR Service at Ujung Menteng UP PKB Temporarily Diverted to Other Units

"Only customers that have booked online and paid for the administration that we serve here. We don't serve customers who haven't booked and haven't paid for the service. Before the test, we ensure to check the data of customers who have booked the service first," he said.

Although there is an increase in number of vehicles that take KIR test today, his side hasn't assigned additional mechanical test officers.

"KIR test can be handled by 40 mechanical test officers in four test lanes," he closed.

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