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Ini Pencapaian Jakpro di 2020
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Here are PT. Jakpro Achievements in 2020

PT. Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro/Perseroda) is committed to support Jakarta Government's policies to build and develop the capital city.

For example, Jakpro has completed target of Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) project milestone

PT. Jakpro (Perseroda) President Director, Dwi Wahyu Daryoto conveyed, throughout 2020, PT. Jakpro has successfully achieved targets assigned by Jakarta Government even though in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic.

"For example, Jakpro has completed target of Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) project milestone which located in Tanjung Priok Sub-district, North Jakarta," he said in written statement, on Monday (1/4).

Jakpro will Build New ITF to Treat Waste in West Jakarta

According to him, until last week of December 2020, JIS construction progress had reached 42.11 percent from target of 41.67 percent. It means, there is a positive deviation of 1.21 percent. Moreover 2 training fields at JIS have been completed and also inaugurated by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan on December 28, 2020.

In order to ensure JIS progress is on target, Jakpro applies Building Information Modelling (BIM) docs and BIM 4D in this year.

Not only JIS, in 2020 Jakpro has also successfully achieved the target for Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) revitalization project. Its progress reached 54.33 percent, which exceeded the target of 53.77 percent. It means that there is a positive deviation of 0.63 percent.

"Besides, Amir Hamzah Mosque which is located in TIM complex has been revitalized completely and inaugurated by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan on July 3, 2020. As well as TIM parking building that is ready to be used earlier this year," she mentioned.

Similar to JIS, as the project milestone carried out by Jakpro, TIM revitalization project also utilized Building Information Modelling (BIM) docs and BIM 3D thus project could be monitored in real time. TIM revitalization is also one of projects funded through Regional PEN.

Throughout 2020, LRT Phase I has entered process of handing over Jakarta LRT assets from Jakpro to its subsidiary, PT. LRT Jakarta (LRTJ) where its progress has entered the defect liability period (DLP) phase.

"As of December 27, 2020, closing on site reached 91 percent with status above the target of 80 percent. In 2020, facilities and infrastructure assets management was also handed over from Jakpro to PT. LRTJ," he added.

Meanwhile, in 2020, his side has also completed the feasibility study (FS) and loop line LRT business study, BED, AMDAL, and AMDALIN documents, as well as investigation for 2A and 2B routes for LRT Phase II. Besides, his side has alo completed several stages related to the Waste to Energy Intermediate Treatment Facility (ITF) for West Service Area.

"For example, the pre-market sounding carried out in February 2020 and potential land assessment in March 2020 and Pre-FS in April 2020. While on December 28, PBA signing and strategic partners selection have been conducted between Jakpro, WIKA, and Indoplas," he explained.

Jakpro has also worked on several stages for Kita Maju Bersama (KMB) Beach development, such as signing MoU on PSU management cooperation between Jakpro and PT. KNI, assigning Jakpro subsidiary, PT. Jakarta Utilitas Propertindo (JUP) for PSU management and completion of master plan study on contribution of land and business as well as PSU management.

On the other hand, in the midst of issues related to regional equity participation (PMD) 2020, throughout the year, Jakpro has taken the initiative to seek alternative sources of funding opportunities and succeeded in narrowing dwon the funding scheme in three scenarios. Also, in the same year, preparation for Master Plan and Pre-development Project Charter  has been carried out.

Through various innovative breakthroughs to create effectiveness and transparency in doing the project, Jakpro Project Management Office (PMO) Division received appreciation from external parties in 2020. First, thanks to these various breakthrough innovations, Jakpro won the IDX Channel Anugerah Inovasi Indonesia and Top Digital Award 2020 for Digital Control Tower and BIM implementation.

Furthermore, PMO also provided supports for Jakarta Government PLH Bureau in developing PEN Project Monitoring Dashboard. Because, project control and monitoring in JIS and TIM projects were carried out by implementing Control Tower and BIM.  

"Therefore, all Jakpro employees are grateful and thank Jakarta Government and stakeholders, because in this difficult year, Jakpro still can contribute in developing Jakarta. Hopefully, things will be much better in 2021," she closed.

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