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Dinas Kebudayaan Berkolaborasi Rayakan Hari Film Nasional
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Culture Agency Holds Events in Commemorating National Film Day and 100th Anniversary of Usmar Ismail's Birth

National Film Day 2021 celebration which is coincides with 100th anniversary of Usmar Ismail's birth, are two important events that occurred in March 2021. Commemorating these events, Jakarta Culture Agency holds events for 5 days, on March 26-30, 2021 on hybrid basis (offline and online).

It is also the right moment to re-stage Usmar Ismail and national film figures

Jakarta Culture Agency Head, Iwan Henry Wardhana said, this event was a momentum for 100th years of Usmar Ismail and his role as director and producer of Perfini.

"It is an important moment for cinema people to be resilient in facing COVID-19 pandemic and other challenges ahead. It is also the right moment to re-stage Usmar Ismail and national film figures," he said as quoted in Jakarta PPID Press Release.

City Supports National Film

This event will be held at National Library Building on Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan No. 11 Jakarta, which organized by H. Rempo Urip family, H. Usmar Ismail family, Omah Otara, and DoRo Institute. This event is also supported by National Library (Perpusnas), Education and Culture Ministry, Indonesian Film Artist Association, and Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency.

National Film Day which is commemorated every March 30 cannot be separated from Usmar Ismail's works. On March 30, 1950, Usmar Ismail as a director and producer of Perfini started shooting for black and white film entitled "The Long March".

"The Long March" or "Darah dan Doa" were the first film produced by Indonesian. Previously, in 1926, the first feature film made in Indonesia entitled "Loetoeng Kasaroeng" had been produced. However, the film was produced together with Dutch producer and Chinese descent.

In addition to creating a new milestone in national film production, the film "Darah dan Doa" told about struggles for Indonesian independence. Nation's historical potraits became his concerns in potraying socio-cultural changes of Indonesian society in numbr of his films, such as "Krisis" (1953) and "Lewat Djam Malam" (1954).

In film industry history, Usmar Ismail who was a pioneer of modern drama in Indonesia, also a founder of Indonesian National Film Company (Perfini) and Indonesian National Theather Academy (ATNI). It was worthy to call this man who was born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatera on March 20, 1921 and died on January 2, 1971 as a Father of National Film.

In commemorating National Film Day 2021 and 100th anniversary of Usmar Ismail, the event committee raised number of topics regarding great figure of Usmar Ismail and his fellow film figure, Rempo Urip.

If Usmar Ismail built national film Industry through Perfini, then Rempo Urip, who was also a director, also developed Persari Film, which was founded by Djamaluddin Malik. One of important historical notes written by Rempo Urip was "Rodrigo de Villa". Rempo Urip became one of the first Indonesian color filmmakers through this film which produced in Manila, Philippines, in 1952.

Usmar Ismail and Rempo Urip were the main subjects chosen to retell history of Indonesian cinema. A series of celebratory events were presented in exhibition of film artifacts, film screenings, and discussions. Moreover, in this momentum, it also discussed the importance of National Hero Award which given to Usmar Ismail from the state but had been delayed for almost 3 years.

For further information about this event, please contact Event Committee Head, Deddy Otara (0818-0886-5872) or Event Committee Deputy Head, Setiadi Hartoko - Grandson of the late H. Rempo Urip (0888-0971-1997).

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