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Dua Lapangan Latih di JIS Ditarget Bisa Digunakan Mulai Juni 2021
photo Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing -

Two JIS Training Fields Targeted to Be Used This June

PT. Jakarta Propertindo (Jakpro) is targeting two training fields at Jakarta International Stadium (JIS), North Jakarta can be utilized this June.

Two JIS training fields use international standard hybrid glass which is the combination of synthetic and natural grass

PT. Jakpro Project Director, Iwan Takwin mentioned, after its inauguration in December 2020, maintenance of fields which located on the north side of main stadium is carried out optimally and very carefully.

"Two JIS training fields use international standard hybrid glass which is the combination of synthetic and natural grass. According to plan, those training fields will enter the evaluation stage in May, thus it is hoped can be used by mid 2021," he explained, Thursday (3/4).

Hybrid Grass Tested to Be Installed on JIS Training Ground

He explained that his side still restricts people who want to access and do activities on training field grass, including project workers.

"We want field quality to be maintained in accordance to FIFA international standard until the time it can be used," he conveyed.

JIS, he continued, is the first football field in Indonesia that uses international standard hybrid grass.

One of the advantages in using hybrid grass is the field can be used for up to 1,000 hours of matches. While for field that uses natural grass can only be used for 300 hours.

"By using hybrid grass in JIS, it is possible to hold two matches in a day during official FIFA standard matches," he stated.

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