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Direktur Utama Perumda Pasar Jaya, Arief Nasrudin
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Here is Surefire Way of Perumda Pasar Jaya to Avoid Crowds at Tanah Abang Market

Anticipating the high public interest in shopping for Eid needs, Perumda Pasar Jaya has collaborated with related units to take a number of anticipatory steps to prevent overcrowding of visitors at Tanah Abang Market.

It is done to anticipate and avoid the crowd

Perumda Pasar Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin said, together with Satpol PP and army/police, health protocols monitoring was intensified in market and all areas of Tanah Abang  in connection with the impact of high public visits to shop in the largest textile market area in Southeast Asia.

"Monitoring posts have been set up at some points. Our personnel are also alerted to conduct patrol in the market area," he expressed, Monday (5/3).

City Tightens Health Protocols in Every Market to Curb COVID-19

He explained personnel had imposed restrictions on visitors to 50 percent of the market capacity since the opening of the Tanah Abang Market this morning, and had made arrangements for entry and exit channels in order to unravel the buildup of visitors in the market.

"We remind every visitor not to be fixated on one location but find other locations considering that there are quite a lot of stalls selling similar products," he explained.

He assessed they were also urged to wash their hands with soap, have their temperature checked and should always wear masks from the entrance.

"We also a loudspeaker to remind the public fully understands the implementation of health protocols," he explained.

He continued the market closed early this afternoon. Stalls on odd floors were closed at 4 PM and other stalls on the even floor were closed at 5 PM.

"It is done to anticipate and avoid the crowd," he asserted.

He added that coordination had also been made with PT Transjakarta regarding the preparation of buses from Dukuh Atas Station to Tanah Abang Block A Market with the hope of minimizing the density of people carrying vehicles to the market area.

"There are 20 buses prepared from Dukuh Atas to Block A Tanah Abang Market stations," he added.

By so, it was expected to smoothen the implementation of health protocols at the location. For this reason, personnel would continue to be alerted considering that public interest in shopping was predicted to be high in the coming days.

"We also do the same thing in other markets. Based on the monitoring results, the whole market condition is in a safe condition and relatively under control," he closed.

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