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Gelar Pangan Murah di Kantor Kelurahan Kalideres
photo Wuri Setyaningsih -

Mitra Tani Cheap Food Bazaar Held at Kalideres Urban Village Office

In order to help community meet the needs of Eid, Agriculture Ministry's Food Security Agency through Pasar Mitra Tani (PMT) held Pangan Murah (Cheap Food) bazaar at Kalideres Urban Village Office, from Friday (5/7) to Saturday (5/8).

This event also sells commodities online

Kalideres Urban Village Head, Ahmad Subhan stated, this event was also carried out online to prevent crowd and anticipate COVID-19 transmission.

"This event also sells commodities online. People who buy directly at the location are limited to only 15 representatives from each RWs," he informed, Saturday (5/8).

Food Station Extends Promo Period for Staple Food Package Program

According to him, many people have ordered commodities online from the first day of the event. They ordered number of basic necessities ahead of Eid, such as rice, eggs, beef, and chicken.

There were 11 types of commodities sold at affordable prices in this event. Such as frozen beef for soup Rp 75,000/kg, stew meat Rp 80,000/kg, and rendang meat Rp 85,000/kg. While average price of meat in the market ranges from Rp 120,000 to 150,000/kg.  

Then, rice is sold for Rp 8,800/kg, curly red chilies Rp 35,000/kg, cooking oil Rp 12,000/pack, chicken eggs Rp 21,000/kg, cayenne pepper Rp 50,000/kg, shallot Rp 25,000/kg, garlic Rp 20,000/kg, sugar Rp 12,000/kg, chicken meat Rp 34,000/kg.

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