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Terminal Kampung Rambutan Sediakan Sentra Vaksinasi Hingga 23 Juli 2021
photo Aldi Geri Lumban Tobing -

Kampung Rambutan Terminal Opens Free Vaccination Until July 23

Jakarta Transportation Agency (Dishub) is collaborating with the Transportation Ministry and related units to open the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination at the Kampung Rambutan Terminal that has been ongoing since July 19 to 23.

They are allowed to bring their family to get vaccinated, including children

It is targeting to touch 1,300 people consist of bus drivers, conductors, travelers, transportation partners at terminal and the general public.

Kampung Rambutan Terminal Head, Made Joni said, it was dedicated to people aged 12 years and over with a daily target of 200-300 people.

Until June, 126,294 People aged 12-17 Years in Kembangan Vaccinated

"They are allowed to bring their family to get vaccinated, including children. If there is more quota from the agency, we will immediately allocate it. For today, we have 1,300 doses," he expressed, Wednesday (7/21).

To support it, as many as 12 health workers had been alerted at the location, including supporting facilities such as mini ICU, ambulances to internet.

"Hopefully, it is capable of accelerating the target by the end of August, so people can return to normal activities and the economy can recover," he hoped.

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