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Urban Farming Members Contribute to Overcoming Impact of Climate Change

Jakarta Maritime, Agriculture and Food Security (KPKP) Agency, cooperated with Jakarta Environment (LH) Agency held an online socialization and guidance for urban farming members in the action of climate change impacts.

We work closely with the Jakarta Agricultural Technology Study Center (BPTP) and the LH Agency

It was attended by 112 participants from the KPKP Agency, executing unit heads in sub-districts, farmer groups spread all over Jakarta, as well as students from Padjadjaran University and Singaperbangsa University.

Thousand Islands is Committed to Contribute to Prevent Global Warming

The materials provided included Controlling the Impact of Climate Change in Jakarta, the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food Security in Jakarta, and Action on the Impact of Climate Change in Jakarta: Anticipation and Adaptation.

Jakarta KPKP Agency Acting Head, Suharini Eliawati said, it is a follow-up to the implementation of the Governor's Instruction number 17/2021 on Climate Disaster Impact Management.

The action plan mandated to the KPKP Agency was namely Strengthening the Food Security System in the Agriculture Sector to deal with the impacts of climate change and disaster risks.

"We work closely with the Jakarta Agricultural Technology Study Center (BPTP) and the LH Agency. If there is indeed a climate change, we have technology or treatment for the existing groups," she expressed, Tuesday (7/27).

She explained, the action plan for Strengthening the Food Security System to deal with the impacts of climate change and disaster risk was conducted by encouraging urban farming activities in 60 locations, planting productive plants, family medicinal plants (toga) and cultivating consumption fish in facing the climate change crisis will be done in 2021-2022.

"Climate change has an impact on agriculture and food security. Therefore, urban farming members receive comprehensive information and knowledge related to mitigation, prevention and solutions to the impacts of climate change," she explained.

By so, they were expected to develop urban farming locations and be an inspiration for other groups in Jakarta.

"Hopefully those who are close to their groups can find out the obstacles in the field and quickly find solutions," she hoped.

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