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 899 Pohon di Jakarta Utara Telah Dilakukan Penanganan
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North Jakarta City Park and Forestry Handles Hundreds Trees Prone to Fall

North Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency handled 899 trees prone to fall, through light, medium, and heavy pruning in August 2021.

It is carried out to follow up internal monitoring and resident's reports

North Jakarta City Park and Forestry Sub-agency Head, Elly Sugestianingsih explained, her side carried out light pruning on 215 trees, medium pruning on 486 trees, heavy pruning on 160 trees, as well as cut down 38 trees.

2,358 Trees Pruned from January to September 15 in Central Jakarta

"It is carried out to follow up internal monitoring and resident's reports. We take care of trees prone to fall to provide sense of security and comfort for road users and other residents," she conveyed, Friday (9/17).

Trees handled by her side were various, ranging from angsana, bintaro, trembesi, asem kranji, glodongan tiang and bayan trees in Cilincing, Koja, Kelapa Gading, Pademangan, Tanjung Priok, and Penjaringan Sub-district.

"Entering rainy season, we prepare seven personnel equipped with chainsaws, dump trucks and one hydraulic truck for each sub-districts," she said.

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