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Normalisasi Pembuatan Turap Saluran Jl Percetakan Negara V
photo Anita Karyati -

Water Channel on Jalan Percetakan Negara V Normalized

Central Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency is normalizing water channel on Jalan Percetakan Negara V, Rawasari Urban Village, Cempaka Putih. This normalization work is targeted to be completed by the end of September 2021.

Flood often occurs in this location, especially when it rains heavily

Central Jakarta SDA Sub-agency's Maintenance Section Head, Achmad Daeroby mentioned, channel normalization was carried out to follow up resident's request through Musrenbang. The normalization work consisted of mud dredging, repair, and leveling retaining wall.

"Flood often occurs in this location, especially when it rains heavily. Residents also request for it," he stated, Saturday (9/18).

East Jakarta Mayor Monitors Normalization Work on Munjul Reservoir

The channel's length is 72 meters with 1 meter wide and slurry cast of 40 centimeters.

"We deploy 22 personnel to normalize it from September 10 and is targeted to be completed by the end of September. Current progress has reached 20 percent," he explained.

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