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Pengerukan Kali Tubagus Angke Segmen Jembatan Pesing - Jembatan Genit Berhasl Angkut 6.762 m3 Lumpur
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West Jakarta SDA Transports 6,762 Cubic Meters of Mud from Angke River

West Jakarta Government continues to intensify normalization on rivers and water channels. Normalization work is expected to minimize inundation and flooding, especially in rainy season.

We expect it to minimize inundation and flooding occurrence

West Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency's Drainage Maintenance Section Head, Wawan Kurniawan stated, one of normalization works carried out is Angke River dredging in Kampung Gusti-Pesing Bridge segment, Jl. Pangeran Tubagus Angke which has been going since early 2021 until now.

"Angke River is dredged from Pesing Bridge to Kampung Gusti where we have collected 6,762 cubic meters of mud from Pesing Bridge-Genit Bridge segment which is carried out from January 19 to end of June 2021 with river length 1,970 meters and width 20 meters," he informed, Tuesday (7/27).

Contractor Targets to Finish Cilangkap Reservoir Dredging Work in November

So far, his side is still dredging mud from Pesing Bridge to Jalan Peternakan Bridge segment.

According to him, dredging mud sedimentation will increase volume of water discharge that enters the river thus it can minimize inundation and flooding, especially in rainy season.

"We expect it to minimize inundation and flooding occurrence," he mentioned.

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