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BPSDM DKI dan University of Maryland Adakan Workshop and Training Public Policy for Business 2
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BPSDM - Maryland Holds Public Policy Workshop and Training for Business

The Jakarta Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDM) is cooperating with the University of Maryland (UMD) to hold an online public policy for business workshop and training on November 8-12. It was officially opened by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan.

You all collaborate, formulate workshops, training programs, I'm sure it will be useful for all of us

"We need to explore lessons and learning. What do we need to take to get out of this pandemic, lessons that are useful for us in the government and also people who accept public policies," expressed the Governor, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release, Monday (11/8).

Therefore, its collaboration supported by all related working units in Jakarta was very precise.

BPSDM - JSC Holds Webinar about JAKI and Covid-19 Information System

"You all collaborate, formulate workshops, training programs, I'm sure it will be useful for all of us," he furthered.

He explained, learning through such activities is very important in today's situation where interaction is limited, many activities are stalled, the economy is slowing down not because of miscalculations in business. There are restrictions on education, social services. It was not because the government was running out of fiscal strength, but because of the virus pressure.

He described that in Jakarta, houses were built to accommodate families, live as a unit, but were not designed to be work spaces. Then it was decided to work from home, suddenly the house is used for work while space is limited, children study from home, parents work from home, suddenly it becomes complex.

The workshop featured several speakers, including TechTank Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Darrell M. who shared material on public-private partnerships and case studies in public policy. Among the most needed in the current situation according to him are data, communication, and design skills.

He also gave several examples of innovation. HealthMap for instance, the development of technology at Harvard Medical School that can track and predict the spread of infectious diseases around the world and is currently being used to monitor cases of the Covid-19.

Then UNICEF Innovation created a tool that combines satellite imagery and deep learning techniques to map schools, identity gaps, help governments optimize the education system, and several others.

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