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Wagub Ariza Apresiasi Program Sertifikasi Bengkel Las se-Indonesia
photo Yudha Peta Ogara -

Ariza Appreciates Welding Workshop Certification Program in Indonesia

This is important for Indonesian welding workshops to improve their competence to compete in the welding industry, especially Jakarta

Jakarta Vice Governor, Ariza Patria, welcomed a visit from the SKBLI Committee (Certification of Expertise for Welding Workshops) consisting of the Indonesian Welding Workshop Community (KBLI) and SLV (Van-ovan Welding School) Metropolitan Indonesia.

He fully supports the welding workshop worker certification program, especially in Jakarta.

Receiving Assistance From KADIN, Ariza Supports Collaboration From Various Parties

Through social media networks, KBLI on June 21, 2011 in Jakarta had managed to attract 106,273 welding workshop businesses. The first and biggest meeting was held on May 24, 2014, including welding workshop businesses in Jakarta.

PT SLV Metropolitan Indonesia President Director, Helman Novrando revealed that MSME Welding Workshops in Jakarta need knowledge provision to its workers regarding WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications) in the welding process. They also need to have a competency certificate from BNSP. Hopefully, they could fit into big companies or projects that are very disciplined with standard welding procedures.

"This is important for Indonesian welding workshops to improve their competence to compete in the welding industry, especially Jakarta," he expressed, Friday (11/19).

He went on to say that the first welding workshop worker skill certification activity was planned to be held in Indonesia on November 24. "It is located at BLK Las Condet," he said.

He appreciated and stated that the certification activity was very important.

"It takes skill and very much needed. We welcome and support it. Please follow up it with the related agency, Jakarta Industry, Cooperative and Trade Agency," he explained.

It also got support from Jakarta Manpower, Transmigration and Energy Agency. Moreover, it is held in Jakarta and involves the BLK Condet as the venue. Surely, it can give many benefits for the development of Jakarta.

Even, the welding workers would be provided with an NIB which could be used as a license to run a business. He added, the Jakarta administration would help MSME welding workshops in Jakarta, especially in terms of business licensing.

"With NIB, certification program, and WPS debriefing, hopefully MSME welding workshops here will be more advanced and more able to compete in the welding industry," he hoped.

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