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3,000 Sacks of Mud and Garbage Transported from Pademangan Phb

As many as 3,000 sacks of mud and garbage were transported by 400 joint personnel from the Pademangan Connecting Channel (Phb), Jalan GOR, Pademangan Sub-district, RW 15, Pademangan Barat Urban Village, Pademangan Sub-district, on Sunday (11/21).

This is done to prevent flooding on Jalan Gunung Sahari

North Jakarta Secretary, Abdul Khalit said, those joint personnel consisted of Satpol PP, PPSU, Bina Marga Sub-agency, Bina Marga, Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency, Environment Sub-agency, Parks and City Forest Sub-agency, army assisted by locals.

"This is done to prevent flooding on Jalan Gunung Sahari," he expressed.

Gerebek Lumpur Action on Jalan Kartini III Intensified

According to him, the action should be intensified in order to deal with flood problem in residential areas and roads during the rainy season.

"It is a routine agenda in two to three times in a week," he explained.

Pademangan Sub-district Head, Didit Mulyadi explained, it was carried out along 250 meters of the channel.

"This is done manually using two dump trucks," he stated.

In Pademangan, he added, there were some flood-prone areas such as in Bintang Mas Police Post area, on Jalan RE Martadinata; Jalan Gunung Sahari in front of Lantamal TNI AL; and on Jalan Benjamin Sueb, Pademangan Timur Urban Village.

"By doing so, every time a flood occurs, it will recede quickly," he stated.

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