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Peringati Hari Guru Nasional 2021,Gubernur Anies Ingin Guru di Jakarta Menginspirasi
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Commemorating National Teacher's Day 2021, Anies Wants Teachers in Jakarta to Inspire

Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan attended the peak event of National Teacher's Day 2021 at Ki Hajar Dewantara Auditorium, Jakarta Education Agency, South Jakarta, on Thursday (11/25). Previously, he appreciated the commemoration of National Teacher's Day which featured art performances from teachers in Jakarta.

Today, we remember the great role of teacher, without them, we wouldn't be sitting in this room

"We have seen performances from the teachers, some of them dancing, singing, playing musical instruments. We give them applause. It shows that our teachers are creative, describing Jakarta's teachers who are dynamic and continue to grow," he said in his remarks, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

On this occasion, he wanted to invite all to reminisce on teachers' roles and services, as well as encourage teachers to be good teachers who can inspire their students. Thus, hopefully, the teacher will be remembered forever in student's life journey.

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"Today, we remember the great role of teacher, without them, we wouldn't be sitting in this room. When we talk about teachers, our memories that appear are the past. What we are doing now always reflects the upbringing we have received. It becomes a reflection, are we remembered by our students, what are they remembered from the teachers? Because annoying or inspiring? The question is, which one do we want to be remembered as. God willing, teachers in Jakarta will be remembered as inspiring figures," she explained.

"It was said that teacher cannot be replaced by technology. Actually, it can if the teacher is mechanistic and monotone. But if the teachers teach with heart and inspires, then no technology can replace them, and God willing, they are teachers in Jakarta," he added.

She mentioned that teachers are not only inspiring students, but also making school ecosystem becomes challenging, but fun. Thus it can make students happy in teaching and learning activities.

"Regarding challenging and fun schools, my experience is to give something challenging but fun, because good school is measured by its students. If students want to return to school, school is fun. But if students are heavy-hearted in attending to school, then school is the problem, and it shouldn't happen in Jakarta," he stated.

On the other hand, Jakarta Education Agency Head, Nahdiana explained that this year's theme for National Teacher's Day is 'Move with Heart to Restore Education'. However, her side made adjustments thus the theme for National Teacher's Day in Jakarta is 'Educating with Heart, Building the Nation, Cannot be Replaced with Technology'.

"This is part of our passion that teacher's role is united, without seeing one's background to provide total and comprehensive education service. We also accompany our children in two challenging years (pandemic) to realize complete education with quality in Jakarta," she conveyed.

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