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1.600 Anak SD Disuntik Imunisari di RPTRA Puspa Indah
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Tetanus Vaccination Given to 1,600 Elementary School Students in Cengkareng Timur

Tetanus diphtheria (TD) and tetanus diphtheria pertussis (TDaP) vaccines were administered to 1,600 elementary school and Islamic elementary school (madrasah ibtidaiyah) students in Cengkareng Timur Sub-district, Cengkareng, West Jakarta at RPTRA Puspa Indah, Jalan Puspa 3 RT 11/04, on Monday (12/6).

We deploy 9 health workers from urban village and sub-district health centers

Person in Charge for Immunization from Cengkareng Timur Urban Village Health Center (Puskesmas), Yunike Sucianti said, TD and TDaP vaccination was follow-up vaccines given to children aged 10–12 years.

It was carried out to prevent children from getting tetanus, which is caused by infection with bacterium Clostridium tetani. This bacteria is abundant in soil, mud, and animal waste that can enter human body through open wound or skin.

Jakarta Receives Awards from Ministry of Health for Implementation of Test-Trace-Isolate, Health Care Programs, Vaccinations and Healthy Family Index

This immunization activity was carried out for two days, on December 6-7 with target 4,000 students from 21 elementary schools and Islamic elementary schools.

"Today, we inject 1,600 students from 9 schools. We deploy 9 health workers from urban village and sub-district health centers," she explained.

Furthermore, similar immunization will be also carried out at RPTRA Cengkareng Timur Berseri, Jalan Outer Ring Road, RT 12/11 on December 8 with target more than 1,000 students from 10 elementary schools (SD) and Islamic elementary schools (MI). Thus, within three days, 5,000 students from 31 SD and MI students in Cengkareng Timur targeted to participate in this immunization.

"Immunization is given to elementary and middle school students thus they have immunity in order not to get infected when they get injured," she mentioned.

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