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Peringati Hari Ibu, Dekranasda Jakpus Gelar Festival Produk Lokal
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Central Jakarta Dekranasda Holds Local Product Festival

Central Jakarta Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) and Forum of Small Medium Economic Africa ASEAN (FORSEAA) held local product festival in order to commemorate Mother's Day with theme "Crafts Towards a Global Market" in Sumenep Park, Cikini Urban Village, Menteng Sub-district.

I hope this activity will motivate local craftsmen and MSMEs to rise

Central Jakarta Dekranasda Chairperson, Ucu Jamilah stated, this event was held for two days, on December 21-22, 2021.

"The series of this activity is filled with interactive dialogue between Seychelles Ambassador to ASEAN countries regarding our local crafts that are struggling to reach global market. Tomorrow, on National Mother's Day, we will plant Menteng tree seedlings with the ambassadors," she mentioned, Tuesday (12/21).

124 Jakpreneurs will Enliven Central Jakarta KPKP Hybrid Bazaar

This festival will also be enlivened by bazaar which involved Jakpreneurs who sell Betawi dishes such as asinan Betawi, jongkong Betawi, selendang mayang, kue pepe, kue dongkal, and others. Some of them will also display local fashion and crafts such as knick-knacks, home decorations and others.

"I hope this activity will motivate local craftsmen and MSMEs to rise," she expressed.

Jakarta Dekranasda Chairperson, Fery Farhati who opened this activity, appreciated Central Jakarta Dekranasda which had facilitated craftsmen and Jakpreneurs to rise up and market their products to the global market.

"Most craftsmen in Central Jakarta are women. They are tough figures who struggle to preserve culture through their works," she conveyed.

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