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Senator Fahira Idris: Transportasi Publik di Jakarta Sudah Jadi Role Model
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Fahira Idris Believes Public Transportation in Jakarta can Be a Role Model

A major step in the transformation of public transportation and low-carbon development has just taken place in Jakarta. As many as 30 Transjakarta electric buses operating in the official route were launched by Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan at Plaza Selatan Monas, Central Jakarta, on Tuesday (3/8).

The official operation of 30 electric buses in Jakarta strengthens Jakarta's position as a role model for public transportation

This launch marks the operation of Indonesia's first electric bus for public transportation. According to the plan, the number of electric buses operating in Jakarta will increase to 100 buses by the end of 2022.

Senator for Indonesian Regional Representatives Council (DPD), Fahira Idris welcomed and fully supported the commitment of the Jakarta Government to gradually implement the electrification of Transjakarta buses and fleets as one of the low-carbon development efforts for the climate-resilient city.

Transjakarta Electric Bus Gets Residents' Appreciation

"The official operation of 30 electric buses in Jakarta strengthens Jakarta's position as a role model for public transportation, not only for other regions in Indonesia but also for many other cities in the world," she said, Thursday (3/10).

According to her, Indonesia is currently preparing to enter the era of electric-powered public transportation and that has already begun in Jakarta.

"I believe that the operation of 30 electric buses will be a catalyst for the implementation of large-scale electric buses in Indonesia. Soon we may be on par or even more especially in terms of the fleet with many European cities which since 2020 have started to switch to using electric buses for public transportation," she conveyed.

She assessed that the use of electric vehicles, especially those used for public transportation, was a necessity, not just a trend.

"Electric vehicles are the most concrete efforts that can be done by the world community to save the earth from the threat of climate change," she expressed.

She mentioned that electric vehicles, especially buses, would be the vehicles of the future. It means that all types of vehicles in the future will be powered by electricity. As a country with many territories that have transformed into an agglomeration area, Indonesia is a large market for electric buses.

"Indonesia must be prepared to be an industrial player who is ready to produce electric vehicles, especially electric buses. Therefore, we need to think of a way to stimulate the domestic electric vehicle industry. We must formulate an electric bus production roadmap for immediate implementation," she stated.

Moreover, she expected electric vehicles could be the main choice of Indonesian people. Various incentives must continue to be reproduced and more aggressively rolled out. The more incentives and lower selling prices, the more massive the use of electric vehicles.

"The important thing to note is the government's commitment to fully invest in Electric Vehicle Charger development. If it is realized, then soon, Indonesia can become a leading country in the world that uses eco-friendly technology in transportation," she closed.

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