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DTKJ: Program Bus Listrik Perlu Didukung Penerapan ERP
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DTKJ: Electric Bus Program in Jakarta Needs to Be Supported

The Jakarta City Transportation Council (DTKJ) fully supports the development of electric bus services as part of the Langit Biru (Blue Sky) Program.

The electric bus program in Jakarta must be supported

DTKJ Law and Public Relations Commission Adrianus Satrio Adi Nugroho said that the acceleration of bus electrification in Jakarta needs to continue.

"We need to support the electric bus program in Jakarta," he expressed, Wednesday (3/23).

Fahira Idris Believes Public Transportation in Jakarta can Be a Role Model

He explained DTKJ had submitted five main recommendations in support of the Langit Biru Jakarta program.

Those five recommendations were accelerating the making of regulations that regulate incentives for electric cars in Jakarta, accelerating the electrification of Transjakarta buses, implementing a paid road system, supporting regulations regarding restrictions on used car operations in Jakarta, and accelerating the electrification of transportation infrastructure.

"When many electric buses are operating, there needs to be a vehicle restriction program and Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) that can increase support for the Langit Biru Jakarta program," he stated.

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