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Dinsos Fasilitasi Sertifikasi Halal Gratis Untuk 100 Pelaku Usaha Binaan Tahun Ini
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Social Agency Facilitates 100 Jakpreneurs to Register for Halal Certification

The Jakarta Social Agency (Dinsos) returns to facilitate fostered Productive Economic Enterprises (UEP) or Joint Business Group (KUBE) and Jakpreneurs for free halal certification registration.

As a Muslim-majority country, it is important to ensure the halalness of a product, especially for general marketing

This year, halal certification registration provided 100 quotas or 20 participants for each region of Jakarta.

Jakarta Social Agency's Social Welfare Development and Poverty Alleviation Division Head Rani Nurani mentioned that one of the strategies to dominate the market can be done by increasing the productivity and quality of small and medium-sized industries through certification.

Ariza Attends Sharia Economic Community Working Meeting

According to her, Home Industry Food Certification (PIRT) and Halal Certification were required to ensure the quality of products marketed by small and medium-sized industries.

"As a Muslim-majority country, it is important to ensure the halalness of a product, especially for general marketing," she asserted, Friday (5/20).

She explained that the halal certification is issued by the Ministry of Religion's Halal Product Guarantee Agency (BPJPH) and is valid for four years. Her side ensured to carry out socialization regarding the halal certification process and Jakpreneur application to facilitate the registration process for fostered entrepreneurs.

For the socialization, her side invited resource persons who are competent in their fields and UEP or KUBE and Jakpreneur assistants from five regions of Jakarta.

"By providing free halal certification registration, we hope that Jakpreneurs' products can have better quality and be competitive in the market," she stated.

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