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Pembangunan Simpang Temu Lebak Lubus Capai 68 Persen
photo Budhi Firmansyah Surapati -

Lebak Bulus Intersection Construction Has Reached 68 Percent

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) speeds up the Lebak Bulus Intersection construction work on Jalan RA Kartini, South Jakarta. As of mid-May 2022, the overall construction progress has reached 68 percent.

It is targeted to be completed in August 2022

PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) President Director William P. Sabandar conveyed that the infrastructure development of the Lebak Bulus Intersection was divided into two parts, namely the Transit Plaza in front of the Poins Square Lebak Bulus and the Interconnection Bridge as long as 200 meters that connect the Lebak Bulus Grab MRT Station to the Transit Plaza.

"This development project is carried out by PT Inti Menara Jaya (Poins Square)," he added, Wednesday (5/25).

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He stated that the development project had been declared by the Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan on December 8, 2021. The Simpang Temu has supporting facilities in form of bicycle parking, kiss & ride (drop-off area), Transjakarta stops, and online transportation stops in a 2,000 square meters park area.

In general, the stages of development were divided into five sections, namely planning, funding, licensing, construction, and assets handover. Currently, it has entered the construction phase and the next is preparing BAST.

"It is targeted to be completed in August 2022. We are quite optimistic that it can be realized," he said.

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