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Bapenda DKI Sosialisasikan Diskon PBB di HBKB Jaktim
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Bapenda Socializes Fiscal Incentive for PBB during CFD in East Jakarta

The Jakarta Regional Revenue Agency (Bapenda) socialized the fiscal incentive for Land and Building Tax (PBB) as regulated in Governor Regulation (Pergub) No. 23/2022 to the East Jakarta Car Free Day (CFD) visitors on Jalan Pemuda, Pulogadung.

We socialize Pergub No. 23/2022 and give them fiscal incentives, especially for PBB

Jakarta Bapenda Deputy Head Elvarinsa conveyed that the fiscal incentive for PBB was socialized on CFD event considering the large number of people who attended the activity. Apart from East Jakarta, it was also carried out at other CFD points in five municipalities.

"Thank God, we see high enthusiasm of people who attended the CFD. We socialize Pergub No. 23/2022 and give them fiscal incentives, especially for PBB," she expressed, Sunday (6/26).

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Moreover, her side also opened a booth to provide detailed information on fiscal incentives for residents. Several Bapenda officers were also assigned to distribute brochures and inform people in CFD area.

He explained that the Pergub No. 23/2022 on Fiscal Incentives stated that the government provided relief for residents from paying pBB in a specified time. For example, PBB bill for 2022 which paid in June - August period will get relief up to 15 percent.

Poeple who paid off their PBB within September - October would get a relief up to 10 percent. While for those who paid off their PBB in November would get a relief of 5 percent.

Besides, those who wanted to pay the 2013 - 2021 PBB bill would not be subject to sanction. If they paid the bill in June - October, they would get a relief up to 10 percent and 5 percent if paid in November 2022.

In addition to relief and abolition of sanction, her side also provided convenience in paying taxes through installments. Each taxpayer was able to pay off PBB bill in a maximum of six installment payments.

"Hopefully, it can make people aware to paid off their taxes to increase city revenue from land and building tax sector. Besides, the relief and abolition of sanction can ease the burden on residents in fulfilling their obligations, which during the pandemic has difficulty paying off the taxes," she stated.

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