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Dinas PPKUKM Luncurkan JOSS di PGC
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PPKUKM Agency Launches JOSS at PGC

The Jakarta Industry Trade Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises Agency (PPKUKM), launched the Jakpreneur One-Stop Service (JOSS) at the Cililitan Wholesale Center (PGC), Cawang, East Jakarta.

Hope the public can more easily access Jakpreneur services and information about entrepreneurship

JOSS is an information and consultation center for MSME development in Jakarta. Previously, it had also been launched and operated at Metro Mall Cipulir and ITC Cempaka Mas.

PPKUKM Agency Head Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo said it was founded to be a center for information and entrepreneurship consulting for the community.

PMPTSP Dept. Launches JOSS Application

Each JOSS outlet has entrepreneurship assistant officers who have been trained and have an understanding of entrepreneurship.

"Those who will later help provide entrepreneurship facilitation to the community," she expressed, Thursday (7/14).

Thus far, there are seven main Jakpreneur facilities called 7 Steps for Success (7 PAS) which consist of Registration, Training, Mentoring, Licensing, Marketing, Financial Reporting, and Capital.

"Hope the public can more easily access Jakpreneur services and information about entrepreneurship," she hoped.

She explained that Jakpreneur's main mission is to develop entrepreneurial potential in Jakarta with the hope of reducing unemployment and improving people's living standards.

Thus far, the Jakarta administration has fostered 319,234 members of Jakpreneur. By so, it was necessary to expand and facilitate access for the public to receive Jakpreneur facilities.

"Several efforts have been made, such as opening an entrepreneurship consulting clinic at the sub-district office," she said.

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