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Jakarta Hajatan Bank DKI Kolaborasi Gelar Bazar
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PPKUKM Opens Jakarta Story Exhibition at Sarinah

Enlivening Jakarta's 495th anniversary, the Jakarta Industry, Trade, Cooperative, Small Medium Enterprises (PPKUKM) Agency collaborates with Sarinah and Bank DKI to hold Jakarta Story Exhibition at Sarinah Building, Central Jakarta, on Thursday (6/23).

Through Jakarta Story Exhibition, Jakpreneurs can promote and market their products, expand their business

Jakarta PPKUKM Agency Head Elisabeth Ratu Rante Allo explained that the unique exhibition highlighted the cultural and historical values of Jakarta and packed it in a series of activities in collaboration with MSMEs whose products were related to Betawi.

"Through Jakarta Story Exhibition, Jakpreneurs can promote and market their products, and expand their business through the learning-by-doing method, especially for Jakpreneurs whose products related to Betawi. Starting from traditional Betawi cuisine, music, dance, fashion show, and others by involving various communities in Jakarta," she conveyed, as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

Jakarta's Anniversary, Governor Encourages Ecosystem Collaboration in Every Layer of Society

In supporting digitalization, all MSME tenants were equipped with QRIS Jakpreneur to serve cashless payment. QRIS not only facilitated tenants in recording their income but also minimizes direct contact between customers and tenants to prevent COVID-19 transmission.

Bank DKI as the main sponsor fully supported the digital transaction and MSME empowerment programs in Jakarta.

The series of Jakarta Story Exhibition was held from June 22 to 26, 2022 for the Betawi culinary bazaar and from June 22 to July 22, 2022, for Rubana Food Bazaar, Fashion, and Craft.

The details of the event are as follows:

a. Opening ceremony: June 22, 2022 (offline)

b. MSME bazaar: June 22-26, 2022 (offline) by displaying 10 kinds of traditional Betawi snacks

c. Fashion show: June 24, 2022 (offline) involving 10 Betawi fashion Jakpreneurs

d. Closing ceremony: June 26, 2022 (offline) by inviting related stakeholders and Betawi arts and musical performances

e. Rubana Food Bazaar, Fashion, and Craft which features 25 Jakpreneurs' products will serve as a Jakarta souvenir center that opens from June 22 to July 22

"By holding the exhibition, we hope it can make a major contribution to restoring the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also hope it can be the first step to hold a bigger program by continuing collaboration with other stakeholders in Jakarta in organizing similar events and supporting the development of entrepreneurship," she stated.

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