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Antisipasi Genangan 252 Di Jakbar Dalam Kondisi Prima
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Here are West Jakarta's Steps to Anticipate Floods in Rainy Season

The West Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-agency has taken several steps to anticipate flooding during the rainy season. Among other things, alerting the pump and maximizing the function of the line.

Hope we can do it maximally

West Jakarta SDA Sub-agency Head, Purwanti said the condition of 252 pump units is currently in prime condition and ready to be operated to minimize flooding on roads and residential areas.

Of 252 pumps, 136 are stationer pumps spread over 46 pump houses, 66 are mobile pumps alerted in flood-prone areas, and 50 are floating pumps alerted to handle flooding on roads and residential areas.

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Her sub-agency is also draining and dredging micro canals, connecting channels to times that have the potential to cause flooding.

"This is to maximize the capacity of the channel thus water does not overflow onto the road," she explained, Tuesday (10/4).

She hoped that it could stop potential flooding as soon as possible, especially in the rainy season.

"Hope we can do it maximally," she concluded.

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