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Diskominfotik Bersama Kominfo Adakan Webinar Makin Cakap Digital 2022
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Diskominfotik - Kemenkominfo Holds Webinar to Become Competent Digital

The Jakarta Communications, Informatics, and Statistics Agency (Diskominfotik) together with the Ministry of Informatics (Kemenkominfo) and the National Movement for Digital Literacy Cybercreativity, held a webinar, Jakarta Solid Makin Cakap Digital entitled "Securing Personal Data in the Digital Realm", on Wednesday (10/19).

There are four pillars of digital literacy skills that must be understood and applied

Diskominfotik Agency Acting Head, Atika Nur Rahmania said that the webinar, which was attended by communities from Jakarta, Banten, and several regions, was to improve the ability of the Indonesian people to use digital technology in a positive, productive, and safe way.

In the digital age nowadays, everyone can easily do activities using gadgets, but some dangers lurk and can be detrimental. To avoid these dangers, people need to have digital literacy skills.

Diskominfotik Holds Farewell to Jakarta Governor and its Deputy

"There are four pillars of digital literacy skills that must be understood and applied, namely digital skills, digital culture, digital ethics, and digital security," she expressed.

She continued that based on the reported data of Indonesian internet users as of January 2022, it had reached 204.7 million with internet penetration of 73.3 percent of the total national population. Thus, understanding and internalizing the four pillars of digital literacy becomes urgent that must be echoed by Indonesian people.

The Jakarta Provincial Government in supporting this digital development has provided JakWiFi facilities which have reached 9,250 locations.

"With this webinar, Jakartans can become digitally empowered individuals, as well as gain enlightenment and benefits in digital literacy. This is because a powerful and successful country is a country that is able to face the development of the digital age," she continued.

Communication and Informatic Minister, Johnny G Plate added that this year his party had provided digital literacy training to 5.5 million Indonesians.

He hoped that the implementation of digital literacy programs can contribute to efforts to stop the spread of hoax news and the negative impact of internet abuse, including building insight and knowledge for the Indonesian people.

"Hope this program can improve the cognitive abilities of the Indonesian people via various digital literacy skills education programs. Let's participate together in various digital literacy activities towards a connected and increasingly digital Indonesia," he hoped.

As for the information, the webinar, which was held via Zoom and Youtube applications, presented several speakers, namely: ICT Watch Executive Director, Indriyatno Benyumurti; Bina Darma University Cyber Security Lecturer, Ferdiansyah; Communication Studies at Budi Luhur University Lecturer, Rocky Prasetyo Jati; and Community Leader, Beta Centauri.

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