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Hari Pertama Buka, TMII Diserbu Ribuan Pengunjung
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Thousands of Visitors Flock to TMII This Sunday

The trial will continue until the end of November

The Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) tourist attraction in East Jakarta was reopened and was visited by thousands of visitors on Sunday (20/11).

TMII Executive Director, Emilia Eni Utari said, on the first day of this limited trial, visitors were limited to about 5,000 people. Ticket sales were already online from November 16-18, 2022.

City Reopens TMII with Green Concept

"Visitor interest was very high on the first day of opening the limited trial," she expressed.

She explained that the new face of TMII by promoting the concept of greenery seemed to be a magnet for visiting residents. Many new attractions are more interesting and have regional cultural nuances.

"The trial will continue until the end of November, if it is even better then the visitor quota will be increased to 7,500 per day and it can be 10,000 per day in December," she explained.

By carrying out the green concept, visitors were prohibited from traveling around the TMII area by vehicle. As many as 10 electric vehicles had been provided to take visitors from the parking lot to the desired pavilion location

"With this change in concept, we provide education that vehicles cannot enter the area. We have prepared integrated parking lots at 18 location points," she said.

Andi (35), one of visitors admitted that the new face of TMII, which puts forward the concept of greenery, is very interesting. He suggested that parking locations and electric vehicles be added to prevent a buildup of visitors.

"I hope that more electric vehicles will be prepared in order to prevent a long queue of visitors when driving around TMII or going back to the vehicle parking area," he hoped.

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