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PAM Jaya - Pamobvit Polda Metro Jaya Siap Amankan Pelayanan Operasional
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PAM Jaya - Polda Metro Jaya Pamobvit Beefs Up Security for Operational Services During Christmas

PAM Jaya cooperates with the Polda Metro Jaya's Vital Object Security Division (Pamobvit) in a bid to secure operational services during Christmas and New Year and preparation for operational transition.

We must fully support for smoothness without interruption

This cooperation was made by PAM Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin and Polda Metro Jaya Pamobvit Director, Com. Pol. Yandri Irsan on Wednesday (12/21), at PAM Jaya Head Office, Pejompongan, Central Jakarta.

PAM Jaya President Director, Arief Nasrudin stated the support from Polda Metro Jaya Pamobvit was needed to smoothen the service system.

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"This support makes us even more optimistic in providing direct piped water services in Jakarta," he said, Friday (12/23).

To ensure piped drinking water services can run smoothly, the readiness was not only from a technical point of view, but also from a security standpoint.

Com. Pol. Yandri Irsan said that his party was ready to fully support the operations carried out by PAM Jaya on February 1, 2023, in terms of securing vital objects.

"Direct service by PAM Jaya is something that we must fully support for smoothness without interruption," he explained.

His party would protect vital assets belonging to PAM Jaya, as well as protect personnel carrying out activities in the field, and crack down on water theft.

"This is one of the main tasks and functions of Pamobvit, as it concerns the lives of many people," he concluded.

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