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Penghijauan di Kolong Tol Becakayu Bakal Terus Digalakkan
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Greening Under Becakayu Toll Road Keeps Being Intensified

The Makasar Sub-district together with the East Jakarta Parks and City Forest Sub-agency will keep intensifying the greening program under Becakayu Toll Road, Jalan Laksamana Malahyati. Moreover, the area is a superior area for arrangement at the sub-district and urban village levels.

To make it more beautiful, the greening program would be intensified

"To make it more beautiful, the greening program would be intensified considering the area is a superior area for revitalization at the sub-district and urban village levels," expressed Makasar Sub-district Head, Kamal Alatas, Tuesday (1/3).

According to him, this area was also a special concern for Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono considering he did a few hands-on inspections before.

Greening Under Becakayu Toll Road, Heru: Urban Farming Needs to Be Developed

His party would also develop urban farming with various types of vegetables such as kale, spinach, chilies, cabbage, pakcoy, and so on.

"That is by involving the East Jakarta KPKP Sub-agency and PPSU to develop it," he continued.

Green Belt and Cemetery Division Head, Atang Setiawan added at this time his party together with the Makassar Sub-district staff carries out the development of urban farming under Becakayu Toll Road. Especially for ornamental plants, around 10,000 plants had been planted type soka, widela, pilo kuning, hanjuang kribo, and gandarusa merah.

"Today we will plant around 4,000 ornamental plants from the Cakung Taman Pulo Indah Garden Seeds and Malaka TPU, Pondok Kopi," he stated.

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