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Warga Pulau Manfaatkan Fasilitas Jakwifi untuk Berdagang
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JAKWifi Service Helps Island People Sell Takjil Online

The free internet service, JAKWifi provided by the Jakarta Communications, Informatics, and Statistics Agency (Kominfotik) is increasingly being felt by the people of Seribu Islands.

This is very useful for us in marketing my products

During Ramadan, JAKWifi is not only used by students but also by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) or Jakpreneurs in marketing their products.

As experienced by Dessy Irma (32), a resident of RT 07/01, Panggang Island, North Seribu Islands. She admitted she often used the JAKWifi service at the mini park near the main jetty. She uses this free internet service to market various food and takjil products through marketplaces.

Diskominfotik: JakWIFI Services in Jakarta are Still Accessible

"This is very useful for us in marketing my products. Besides selling in the park, we also sell them online via WhatsApp groups and other social media," she admitted, Thursday (4/13).

She has been pursuing her business since ten years ago with the help of her mother. Prices for food menus and takjil sold online vary from Rp 5,000 to Rp 25,000.

"My average income is Rp 250,000 per day. I hope that SME businesses on the island can continue to grow and increase the economic income of residents," she hoped.

The same statement also came out from Sri Mulyati (40), a resident of RT 04/01, Lancang Island who often uses the JAKWifi near the fish pond in front of the urban village office.

This woman used it to promote and sell takjil online. The service is also used to study and do her children's schoolwork.

"On average, locals here sell takjil online. So, we just have to wait for the order and then we deliver it. Incidentally, my house is close to the JAKWifi network," she admitted.

She added the types of takjil snacks sold range from fried foods, cakes, and drinks with prices ranging from Rp 3,000 to Rp 15,000.

"I thank the government for fulfilling the needs of its residents," she stated.

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