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Pengunjung TMB Taman Puring Nikmati Permainan dan JakWifi
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Locals Enthused with JakWiFi Program at Taman Puring TMB

The locals claimed to be very enthusiastic about enjoying the free WiFi program, dubbed JakWiFi installed at the Taman Puring Taman Maju Bersama (TMB) which is a green open space, Jalan Kyai Maja, Kramat Pela, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

The internet is very fast, even though a lot of people use it

As experienced by Yustina (35), one of the park visitors expressed that access to JakWiFi services in the park was very fast.

"While taking my children to play, I can enjoy free internet services to see the orders for merchandise that I sell online," she admitted, Tuesday (6/28).

Jakarta SOLID Digital Literacy Socialization with JakWIFI Held in West Jakarta

The same statement also came out from Andi Firmansyah, an Entrepreneurship Assistant of Pesanggrahan Sub-district

"The internet is very fast, even though a lot of people use it. It helps Jakpreneurs to open the browser and the Tokopedia application used in the Jumat Beli Lokal (JBL) program," he admitted.

South Jakarta Communications, Informatics, and Statistics (Kominfotik) Sub-agency Head Sugiono explained the JakWiFi could already be enjoyed in residential and park areas.

"JakWiFi at the Taman Puring TMB is our priority. We also expand it in the areas of neighborhoods, public schools, child-friendly integrated public spaces (RPTRAs), urban forests, and flats," he explained.

Based on the JAKI Application's data, in South Jakarta, there are already around 1,282 WiFi hotspots with 2,155 access points.

"We also use it in the JBL event which is being held by the South Jakarta administration," he closed.

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