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Ini Posko dan Layanan Informasi PPDB di Jaksel
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Here are Post and PPDB Information Service in South Jakarta

For parents or students who experience problems in registering for a school in South Jakarta through the New Student Admission (PPDB), you don't need to worry. This is because the South Jakarta Region I and II Education Sub-agency has set up service and information posts.

Registration until the required files are simply accessed or uploaded via the website

South Jakarta Region II Education Sub-agency Head, Sonny Juhersoni expressed for South Jakarta I area, the PPDB post is set up at SMA Negeri 66, Jalan Bango III, No. 7, RT 07/03, Pondok Labu Urban Village, Cilandak Sub-district.

Aside that, services via cell phones are also provided at 0812 1943 0401 and 0812 1943 0406.

Jakarta Gears Up to Hold 2022 PPDB Online to Realize Equality in Education

"For schools that have South Jakarta Region I Education Sub-agency, it includes Pesanggrahan, Cilandak, Jagakarsa, and Kebayoran Lama sub-districts," he expressed, Wednesday (5/24).

For South Jakarta II area, the post has been set up at SMAN 70, Jalan Bulungan Blok C No. 1, RT 11/07, Kramat Pela Urban Village, Kebayoran Baru Sub-district with service numbers at 0812 8885 4845 and 0812 8883 0382.

"Region II includes schools in Kebayoran Baru, Setiabudi, Tebet, Pancoran, Mampang Prapatan, and Pasar Minggu sub-districts. We make sure that all are well served and solutive," he explained.

Currently, online PPDB exists at all levels of education starting from PAUD, SD, SMP, SMA and SMK. This online system will facilitate parents and students not to bother coming to school.

"Registration until the required files are simply accessed or uploaded via the website," he explained.

As for elementary school level, account submissions start May 15-July 5. Then, registration and school selection starts on June 19-21. Registration opens at 8 AM and closes at 2 PM on the last day.

"Online selection process from June 19 to 21, announcement on June 21 and self-report from June 22 to 23," he uttered.

Then SMP, account submissions start May 19-July 5, starting registration and school selection June 12-14. Selection process June 12-14, announcement on June 14 and self-report will be done June 15-16.

At SMA level, account submissions start May 24-July 5, registration and school selection on June 12-14. Then, the selection process is June 12-14, June 14 announcement and self-report on June 15-16. For SMK, submit accounts from May 24 to July 5 followed by self-report on June 15 and 16," he closed.

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