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Lima Bulan PMI Jakbar Kumpulkan 18.000 Kantong Darah
photo TP Moan Simanjuntak -

January - May, West Jakarta PMI Collects 18,000 Blood Bags

The West Jakarta PMI continuously intensifies blood donation activities to meet the blood supply needs. As a result, from January to May 2023, 18,000 blood bags have been collected.

This year, we aim to collect up to 36,000 bags

West Jakarta PMI Chairman, Beky Mardani said the need for blood in Jakarta reached 1,000 - 1,200 blood bags per day. Thereby, together with the government and the private sector, West Jakarta PMI is intensively holding blood donor activities, including the door to door service activity.

"From January to May 2023, West Jakarta PMI managed to collect 18,000 blood bags," he expressed, Tuesday (6/13).

Januari - April, South Jakarta PMI Served 13,281 Blood Donors

In each month, his party managed to collect blood more than 3,500 bags. Most recently, in May 2023, his party managed to collect up to 3,600 bags.

"This year, we aim to collect up to 36,000 bags," he stressed.

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