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Satgas Pengendalian Pencemaran Udara Jakarta Sampaikan Update Percepatan Penanganan Polusi
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Here is Update on Quick-Win in the Fight against Jakarta Air Pollution

The Jakarta Air Pollution Control Task Force has again reported an update on accelerating pollution management in Jakarta.

This policy can further encourage public participation in undergoing emissions tests

Jakarta Air Pollution Control Task Force Speaker, Ani Ruspitawati said the Jakarta Provincial Government was committed to dealing with air pollution by implementing policies in synergy with various parties.

To push the transition from private vehicle use to public transportation and hold emission tests, the Jakarta Government has applied a parking disincentive tariff policy.

Steel Factory Chimney Sealed in Tackling Jakarta Pollution

There were previously only 10 locations with higher parking rates for vehicles that had not undergone or failed an emissions test. Then, the number of parking spots would be increased.

Starting October 1, as many as 121 parking spots under Perumda Pasar Jaya would also apply parking disincentive rates for vehicles that failed the emissions test. So, in total, there would be 131 parking spots that apply disincentive rates.

"Hopefully, this policy can further encourage public participation in undergoing emissions tests and switching to public transportation," she expressed, at Jakarta City Hall, Friday (9/15).

Then there were additional companies being disciplined in the form of temporary suspension until the company was able to comply with environmental management regulations. Until today, there are six coal stockpile companies that have been disciplined, both by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, as well as the Jakarta Environmental Agency.

"Three companies have also carried out legal sampling for chimney emission measurements and are currently being sealed because they do not comply with applicable regulations," she explained.

According to her, the private sector had also started using water mist on top of their buildings. Previously, government buildings, both at the provincial and city levels, had already done the same thing.

"There are 11 private buildings. In Central Jakarta, there are Menara Astra Tower; three in North Jakarta, namely PT Kencana Unggul Sukses, PT PLN Jawa Bali, and Green Lake Sunter Apartment; three in West Jakarta, namely LTC Glodok, Harco Glodok, and Pantjoran China Town; four in East Jakarta that have installd the water mist, namely PT Pama Persada, United Tractor on the 8th floor and 10th floor, PT Suhu Global Health, and PT Waskita Raja Tower," she explained.

Hopefully, according to recommendations from the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment and the Jakarta Acting Governor, all Jakarta buildings have to install the water mist in order to reduce pollution levels.

Another effort is the watering of protocol roads carried out by the Jakarta Fire and Rescue Agency, which is still ongoing. It was recorded that 215 locations had been watered, involving 270 cars and around 800 firemen.

"We will do it in parallel until the number of buildings that have installed water mist increases," she continued.

She added emission tests were also continuing to be intensified, along with the addition of emission test locations in collaboration with Astra. It was recorded that 1,063,595 four-wheeled vehicles had had emissions tests and 110,650 two-wheeled vehicles had had emissions tests.

"To facilitate public participation in this emission test, Jakarta will add more workshops. Thus far, there are 333 workshops for four-wheelers and 108 for two-wheelers," she added.

She went on to say that emission test technicians had also been prepared more. Then, PT Astra also continues to hold free emission testing workshops at 45 spots and plans to add 12 new spots.

"Sooner, emission tests can be carried out at several bus terminals, such as Kampung Rambutan, Pulo Gadung, Kalideres, Pulo Gebang, and Tanjung Priok terminals," she continued.

To create a Green Jakarta, tree planting as an effort to improve air quality is also continuing.

"Jakarta also plans to build new Green Open Space (RTH) in 2023 spread across 23 locations," she asserted.

In the health sector, health facilities are also ready to serve the needs of the community. Some 44 community health centers are at the sub-district level, 284 community health centers at the urban village level, and 31 regional hospitals belonging to the Jakarta Government have been alerted.

"The sub-district health centers and regional hospitals are operational 24 hours," she uttered.

She urged the public to implement 6M and 1S, namely checking air quality via an application or website; Reducing outdoor activities; Closing the ventilation of the house/office/school/public place when air pollution is high; Avoiding sources of pollution and cigarette smoke; Wearing a mask when air pollution is high; Implementing Clean and Healthy Living Behavior; and immediately consult online/offline with health workers if respiratory complaints arise.

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