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Dharma Jaya Bakal Tambah Tiga Gerai Daging Baru
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Dharma Jaya to Have Three New Meat Outlets

Perumda Dharma Jaya continues to strengthen distribution channels to expand the marketing and reach of animal food products in the community.

We will also add product variants

One of them is collaborating with modern retail, namely Transmart, to distribute meat at affordable prices.

Most recently, they are about to open new meat outlets in three Transmart branches, namely Transmart Cilandak, Cibubur, and Bintaro in the near future. Therefore, they will have a total of seven meat outlets at Transmart.

Dharma Jaya Strengthens Brand Awareness for Marketing Strategy

Perumda Dharma Jaya President Director, Raditya Endra Budiman said that peviously, meat outlets opened in four Transmart branches, namely Kota Kasablanka Mall, Central Park Mall, Cempaka Putih, and Buaran Plaza.

"Transmart Cilandak will operate from September 22, 2023, while Transmart Cibuburand and Transmart Bintaro will operate in October 2023," he expressed, Wednesday (9/20).

Those four outlets are currently operating provide various types of fresh meat with high quality protein and at affordable prices.

He explained the products sold at the three new meat outlets would include frozen meat product variants. He was optimistic that this new meat outlet at Transmart could attract the attention of the public to meet their meat needs.

"We will also add product variants to these four outlets like the three new outlets," he explained.

He added Dharma Jaya would open meat outlets in all Transmarts in Jakarta. However, for now new outlets would be prioritized for opening in locations with high demand and strategic locations.

He assessed meat outlets exist to provide people with alternative choices in consuming meat, especially since people are starting to understand the good quality of meat.

"We have also prepared a marketing plan for Transmart," he said.

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