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Beritajakarta - JSC Sosialisasi Layanan Informasi di Kelurahan Petogogan
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Beritajakarta - JSC Promotes Information Services in Petogogan

We present 40 people consisting of RW, RT, LMK, FKDM, Karang Taruna, PKK, Jumantik, and ASN cadres

The Beritajakarta team together with Jakarta Smart City (JSC) held a socialization of information services through JAKI application and introduced Beritajakarta as the official media of the Jakarta Provincial Government at the Petogogan Sub-district office, Jalan Wijaya Timur Raya, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.

Customer Product Knowledge JSC Senior, Imam said that today the party introduced 60 service features in the JAKI application. It also includes socializing various priority programs of the Jakarta Acting Governor, Heru Budi Hartono, such as handling floods and traffic jams, arranging public space, maintaining food security, as well as coordination and consolidation.

JAKI and Beritajakarta Socialized to TDS Urban Village Residents and Officials

"We're socializing the features of resident reports, public transportation, careers, healthy Jakarta, and resident accounts in the JAKI application," he expressed, Tuesday (10/24).

Beritajakarta Cooperation and Promotion Manager, Elly Anisyah expressed that in the socialization, his party introduced three information services that residents could access via page, digital channel, and Beritajakarta social media account.

"In the future, our socialization will continue to other areas in Jakarta. It aims to provide understanding and increase residents' insight regarding information related to activities in Jakarta," he expressed.

Petogogan Urban Village Head, Nina Permata hoped that it could provide an understanding of the ease of obtaining information and then submit complaints and opinions to the Jakarta Provincial Government. Thus, it can be a reference in working to serve the community

"We present 40 people consisting of RW, RT, LMK, FKDM, Karang Taruna, PKK, Jumantik, and ASN cadres," he stated.

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