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Layanan JakWiFi di Pulau Tidung Dinikmati Wisatawan
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Locals and Tourists Enjoy JakWiFi Services on Tidung Island

The Seribu Islands Communications, Informatics and Statistics Sub-dept. (Kominfotik), provided free internet service or JakWIFI in the Cinta Bridge tourist area, Tidung Island, South Seribu Islands.

Users just scan the barcode to connect the internet

Seribu Islands Kominfotik Sub-dept. Head, Setyadi Widodo said the JakWIFI was installed to support the development of the tourism sector on Tidung Island.

"There are three free internet points here (at the Cinta Bridge)," he said, Monday (11/20).

Traders on Untung Jawa Island Enjoy JakWIFI Services

He mentioned it was available already in the square, around the bridge and around the Cinta Bridge Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) kiosks.

At every point, barcodes were also installed on JakWIFI to make it easier for locals and tourists who want to enjoy free internet services without having to enter passwords and log in.

"We have installed this barcode in several places. Users just scan the barcode to connect the internet," he expressed.

Seribu Islands Tourism and Creative Economy Sub-dept. (Parekraf) Tour Guide, Helma explained the free internet installation received a positive response by locals and tourists.

It is deemed very helpful for tourists who want to access information about tourism destinations on Tidung Island.

"Apart from tourists, traders and officials also enjoy the internet," she explained.

Greda (35), one of the tourists from Australia enjoyed the internet in the Love Bridge area. Moreover, the internet network was very smooth so she could easily access information.

"I have been on holiday here two days. I'm going on holiday to Pramuka Island. Hopefully, there is also free internet available there," she closed.

Reporter: Anita Karyati

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