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 DKI Berupaya Jaga Stabilitas Stok dan Harga Pangan Jelang Lebaran
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City Efforts to Maintain Stability of Food Stocks and Prices Ahead of Idul Fitri

The Jakarta Provincial Government is making some efforts to ensure that prices and availability of food products in Jakarta remain stable ahead of Idul Fitri 1445 Hijri.

They (BUMD) made inter-regional cooperation regarding food supply

City Secretary's Economics and Finance Assistant, Sri Haryati stated people's need for food tends to increase closer to Idul Fitri.

According to him, 98 percent of Jakarta's food was obtained from other regions. Hence, the Jakarta food BUMD had made inter-regional cooperation regarding food supply.

3,000 Basic Food Packages Sold at Cengkareng Sport Center

"They (BUMD) made inter-regional cooperation regarding food supply. To date, we have collaborated with 38 districts/cities from nine provinces in Indonesia to meet food stocks," she expressed, Tuesday (4/2).

According to him, as the need for food in society increases, the stock available also needs to be increased. Thereby, the Jakarta food BUMD was instructed to push stocks up to threefold the usual amount.

"BUMD's focus is on preparing sources and storage, thus we can provide food products to the community," she expressed.

She explained that on the downstream side, the Jakarta Provincial Government has created various programs, including food subsidies and cheap basic necessities. The cheap basic food program initiated by the Jakarta Acting Governor, which started in January 2024, continues to be conducted until now involving various stakeholders.

He went on to say that food products with good quality and affordable prices were provided to the community. Starting from January 15, 2024, the cheap food program would take place on door to door basis at sub-district/urban village heads' offices or other locations. Public enthusiasm was very high. It was proven that 55,646 cheap basic food packages have been sold in 61 locations until February 2024.

"We prepare the products because there are subsidies from stakeholders which then go into it. This program involves 34 stakeholders or CSR from companies including our BUMD and this will continue to run. This is a very good movement in a bid to maintain price stability. This is not only carried out by the Jakarta Government but also by all elements of society and certain community groups," she explained.

She added price monitoring was also conducted to ensure that prices of food products in the market did not rise too high. Likewise with supervision, thus the focus was not just on availability but product quality was also a concern.

"Related agencies are requesting sample tests regarding the content of hazardous materials and so on. We identify, study, and survey all commodities. Everything is in good condition so people don't need to panic buy," she stated.

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