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Pastikan Kebersihan Jakarta Saat Libur Lebaran, DLH DKI Tetap Siagakan 3.080 Petugas
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LH Agency Deploys 3,080 Janitors for Idul Fitri Holidays

As many as 3,080 janitors of the Jakarta Environmental Agency (LH) will be on standby during takbiran night until Idul Fitri 1445 Hijri and during Idul Fitri holiday.

More than 3,080 personnel throughout Jakarta will be on duty

They will be alerted to ensure Jakarta remains clean during Idul Fitri holiday, especially in big mosques, tourist locations, and public areas.

Jakarta LH Agency Head, Asep Kuswanto said hundreds of dump trucks and 85 units of road sweeper vehicles would also be alerted during takbiran night.

Heru Appreciates TPS 3R's Capability of Processing 50 Tons of Waste Per Day

"We have prepared around 70 personnel in each sub-district. More than 3,080 personnel throughout Jakarta will be on duty in various places during takbiran night, Idul Fitri, and its holidays. We'll assist mosques in providing trash bins and transporting trash regularly," he expressed, Wednesday (3/4).

He ensured that the Bantargebang Landfill service would continue to operate during Idul Fitri holiday. Aside that, he also instructed the emptying of Temporary Waste Storage Sites (TPS) throughout the Jakarta area in order to anticipate the piles of garbage.

"By so, it can accommodate waste at maximum capacity and maintain the cleanliness of the environment around the TPS and prevent the growth of flies and other disease vectors," he explained, in the Jakarta's press release.

Recommendations for mudik with minimal waste

Not only that, the LH Agency will also prepare personnel and facilities for handling waste at stations, terminals, and ports as part of the appeal: "Mudik Minim Sampah".

"It is a movement that invites people to reduce the amount of waste produced during the Idul Fitri mudik," he explained.

His party would also coordinate with mudik transportation managers such as stations, terminals, and ports to implement "Mudik Minim Sampah" and transport waste regularly. It was aimed to maintain the cleanliness and comfort of travelers, as well as reduce the impact of unmanaged waste, especially food waste and packaging.

"Mudik is a tradition that is highly appreciated and looked forward to by many people. However, we would like to remind you of the importance of being aware of the waste that may be generated during the trip. Let's reduce waste when going home," he said.

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