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 200 Personel Gabungan Kecamatan Tanah Abang Bersihkan Bantaran BKB
photo Wuri Setyaningsih -

200 Joint Personnel Clean BKB Riverbanks to Face Adipura Awards

As many as 200 joint personnel held a cleanup action in the West Canal Flood (BKB) Riverbanks, Jalan Dukuh Pinggir, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta.

Those five urban villages are Kebon Melati, Karet Tengsin, Kebon Kacang, Petamburan, and Kampung Bali

Tanah Abang Sub-district Head, Dicky Suherlan said the cleanup involved hundreds of personnel from five urban villages. It was done to face the Adipura awards.

"Those five urban villages are Kebon Melati, Karet Tengsin, Kebon Kacang, Petamburan, and Kampung Bali," he expressed, Friday (10/13).

Cleanup Action, Kwitang Residents Collect Four Cubic Meters of Waste

As for the 200 joint personnel involved were from the PPSU, Parks and City Forest Sub-agency, Fire and Rescue Sub-agency, Bina Marga Sub-agency, Environment Sub-agency, SDA Sub-agency, and Transportation Sub-agency.

Kebon Melati Urban Village Head, Ikhsan Kamil added the personnel also cut 30 protective trees at the same time.

"Pruned trees are not thrown away but will be used for compost," he explained.

Then plastic waste would be sorted and collected at the waste bank in Kebon Melati.

"We throw plastic and cloth waste that can't be recycled into the Bantargebang TPST," he added.

By doing so, the cleanup action was expected to make the Adipura 2023 assessment a success and make the environment cleaner.

"Hopefully, residents can keep the environment orderly and beautiful," he hoped.

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