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Integrasi Halte CSW dan Stasiun ASEAN, MRT Jakarta Prediksi Penumpang Naik
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CSW Transjakarta Bus Shelter - ASEAN MRT Station Integration Expected to Increase Number of Passengers

PT. Transjakarta expects ASEAN MRT Station can integrate with CSW Transjakarta Bus Shelter in order to increase number of public transport users.

With this integration, we expect an increase in passengers both for Transjakarta and MRT

PT. Transjakarta President Director, Agung Wicaksono mentioned, currently Corridor 13 route that passes ASEAN MRT Station serves 30 thousand passengers every day. From his experience integrating Transjakarta with Commuter Line and MRT in Dukuh Atas TOD, Transjakarta, and LRT at Velodrome and Equestrian, he assessed that integration plan is potential to increase number of passengers.

"Formerly, we only served 80 thousand passengers per day, but now it turns into 90 thousand passengers per day. With this integration, we expect an increase in passengers both for Transjakarta and MRT," he explained, Wednesday (1/22).

Medan Merdeka to Apply Green Open Space and Transportation Integration Concept

PT. MRT Jakarta President Director, William Sabandar also conveyed similar thing. According to him, ASEAN MRT Station currently serves 2,500 passengers a day.

"We expect an increase in passengers, because it has a potential to attract new passengers," he mentioned.

According to him, this integration will ease people's mobility. Besides, it also accommodates passengers with other supporting facilities.

"In the future, this connecting bridge will be the new access for people to enter and exit ASEAN MRT Station from the western gate and uses it as interconnection point with Transjakarta Corridor 13," he stated.

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