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Tingkatkan Kewaspadaan COVID-19, Gubernur Anies Lepas Tim Spraying Disinfektan Massal PMI DKI Jakart
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COVID-19, Anies Releases PMI Mass Disinfectant Spraying Team

"In this matter, they (PMI) have given their given in assisting the government

In increasing awareness of the spread of COVID-19, Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan led a preparedness ceremony held by the Jakarta's Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) at the City Hall, Central Jakarta, on Sunday (1/10).

The governor also released a mass disinfectant spraying team that would be alerted in 44 sub-districts in Jakarta.

Tightening PSBB, Kelapa Island COVID-19 Task Force Intensifies Health Protocols Monitoring

In his speech, he said, the success of efforts to deal with a pandemic really depended on the role of the community. Thereby, there should be cooperation and involvement of all stakeholders, starting from RT, RW, government institutions, business world, and social institutions.

"In this matter, they (PMI) have given their given in assisting the government by mobilizing the community to conduct disinfection in settlements, offices, educational facilities and social facilities and other public facilities. Do not take this task lightly, but it is a big and noble one. We ask to take care of your stamina, physical and mental health," he expressed, as quoted by Jakarta PPID's press release.

He also did not forget to convey his respect and pride to all PMI Jakarta volunteers who have mobilized their potential in supporting the handling of COVID-19 in Jakarta. He then called on the ranks of the city and district governments, as well as the Jakarta SKPD/UKPD to continuously conduct guidance and help with Kepalangmerahan activities carried out by PMI.

"The alert has been put in place as the pandemic is not over and we must continue to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle by always implementing health protocols. Hopefully the spread rate drops, and we express our appreciation for them (PMI)," he added.

In the meantime, Jakarta PMI Chairperson Rustam Effendi explained, PMI had a duty as a humanitarian agency that functions as a partner of the government in disaster management. One of them was a pandemic which had been designated as a non-natural disaster which was still ongoing.

"With all its potential, they always support the city by implementing a number of efforts to prevent and minimize the spread of COVID-19," he expressed.

He added PMI in cities and regencies in Jakarta from March 13 to December 2020 had distributed 318,983 basic food aid packages, 202,000 PHBS packages, and 406 portable sinks.

As for the disinfectant spraying activity, she furthered, 3,020 units of portable spraying equipment were distributed to the public and disinfectant spraying had been conducted at 109,841 location points.

"In future, they will keep intensifying services to the community and it is a form of our responsibility as it has been trusted and supported by the community in raising humanitarian funds for the PMI Fund Month," he told.

As for the information, in the ceremony, the PMI deploys 50 volunteers, prepares 12 units of gunner spraying tactic vehicles, 50 portable sprayers, 25 max sprayers, 20 motorized pedicabs (bentor), and also distributes 3,000 PHBS packages and 144,000 bars of hand washing soap.

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