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 558 Kendaraan di Jakbar Ikut Uji Emisi

558 Vehicles in West Jakarta Undergo Emissions Test

Translated by: Nugroho Adibrata

13/01 22:30 WIB | Read 86 X

Some 200 vehicles in West Jakarta underwent an emissions test, which was held by the West Jakarta administration and Jakarta Environment Agency on Jalan Puri Harum, Kembangan, on Wednesday (1/13).

West Jakarta Mayor Uus Kuswanto said, his party also socialized the Gubernatorial Regulation number 66/2020 on Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Test.

"The service is free of charge. So, residents can make the best use of it," he stated.

West Jakarta Environment Sub-agency Head Slamet Riyadi expressed, the test itself targeted private vehicles whose age limit is more than three years, then the vehicle was required to have an emission test at least once a year.

"Today we have managed to serve 218 four-wheeled vehicles and 340 two-wheeled vehicles," he stated.