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Plt Walkot Jaksel Monitoring Pembelajaran Tatap Muka di Dua Sekolah

Face-to-face Learning in South Jakarta Has Been Under Strict Health Protocols

Translated by: Nugroho Adibrata

07/04 22:54 WIB | Read 68 X

South Jakarta Acting Mayor Isnawa Adji, appreciated the schools that apply strict health protocols on the first day of the face-to-face teaching and learning, on Wednesday (4/7).

The statement was conveyed after he monitored the face-to-face learning at SMKN 15, Jalan Matraman I and SMKN 6, Jalan Prof Joko Sutono, Kebayoran Baru.

"I appreciate them who have applied strict health protocols," he expressed.

He also urged schools and related units to maintain sterilization by spraying disinfectants on classrooms, tables, chairs, and all objects used by students to participate in teaching and learning activities.

South Jakarta Education Region II Sub-agency Head Abdul Rachem explained the learning took the duration for four to five hours, precisely at 7 AM to 11 AM without break to prevent the crowd.

"Without a break, but there may be free sessions between lessons. Thus they (students) can take a break without having to leave the class," he explained.

SMKN 15 Principal Prihatin Gendra Priyadi added, from 468 students, 112 were students in grade X to XII.

"One of the mandatory face-to-face learning provisions is that there must be an agreement from parents," he said.

Similar statement also came out from Aziza, Principal of SMKN 6. Since last December, she had sent a consent questionnaire for parents, and conducted socialization through zoom meetings

"In total, there are 96 students out of 880 students today," she closed.