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Pengurus Wilayah Kecamatan Kepulauan Seribu Utara Distribusikan Daging Kurban Pakai Bongsang
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North Thousand Islands Adopts Eco Packaging for Qurban Meat

To distribute qurban meat, we use bongsang (containers made of plaited bamboo), which is aiming to replace single-use plastic bags

The North Thousand Islands Sub-district, Thousand Islands adopts eco-friendly container to distribute qurban (sacrificial) meat to people's homes.

North Thousand Islands Sub-district Head, Ismail said, it is done to follow up on Governor Instruction number 43/2021 on Control of Slaughtering Sacrificial Animals during Eid Al-Adha 1442 Hijri/2021 AD amid Covid-19 Pandemic.

Health Protocol Monitored During Sacrificial Animal Slaughtering in South Thousand Islands Sub-district

"To distribute qurban meat, we use bongsang (containers made of plaited bamboo), which is aiming to replace single-use plastic bags," he expressed, Tuesday (7/20).

He explained, there were 81 sacrificial animals slaughtered in Panggang Island Urban Village, 114 animals in Kelapa Island Urban Village, and 8 animals in Harapan Island Urban Village.

"Those animals consist of 48 cows, 104 goats and 51 sheep," he explained.

According to him, socialization and education during the slaughter of sacrificial animals to the community had been carried out.

"This is done in an open place, there is no crowd and all involved are asked to keep wearing masks," he explained.

To avoid the crowd, the sacrificial committee or officers from the local PPKM Command Post would conduct a tight security at the site.

"There is no distribution of meat at the slaughtering location but it will be distributed door to door," he stressed.

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