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Ini Ketentuan Usaha Pariwisata Live Music di Jakarta Saat Lanjutan PPKM Level 3
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Here are Conditions to Hold Live Music in Jakarta During Extension Period of PPKM Level 3

Jakarta Toursim and Creative Economy (Parekraf) Agency allows live music in restaurants and cafes during extension period of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) Level 3 from September 21 to October 4, 2021.

This policy is regulated in Parekraf Agency Head's Decree No. 586/2021

Jakarta Parekraf Agency's Monitoring Section Head, Iffan conveyed, live music can be held by adjusting to restaurants/cafes operating hours.

Moreover, dine-in service is allowed until maximum 21:00 with maximum capacity 50% visitors for restaurants/cafes/bars that located in buildings (indoor) or open spaces (outdoor), or even located in shopping centers/malls.

PPKM Level 3 in Jakarta is Extended by Two Weeks, Residents Asked to Stay Disciplined Although the Cases are Under Control

"This policy is regulated in Parekraf Agency Head's Decree No. 586/2021 on Enforcement of Public Activity Restrictions (PPKM) Level 3 in Tourism Business Sector," he informed, Thursday (9/23).

Based on regulation, he added, restaurants/cafes/bars with operating hours starting at night are allowed to provide dine-in service at 18:00-00:00 with maximum capacity 25% visitors.

"One table can be used by maximum 2 persons, meal time is limited to maximum 60 minutes, stricter health protocols, and required to use PeduliLindungi application for screening all visitors and employees," he explained.

According to him, live music in restaurants/cafes/bars can be only held until 00:00 with condition that they are not allowed to be on the floor. Disk Jockey activity and alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be provided in bars during PPKM Level 3.

"We have informed it first to musicians and artists association to take care of each other and remind each other. If there are unclear regulations from business operators, musicians must also remind them. They must be aware that the audience must not be on the floor, alcoholic beverages are not allowed, and they should move from one place to another while performing," he said.

Although there is no limit on number of personnel on the stage of venue, Jakarta Parekraf Agency asks musicians or artists, visitors, and restaurants/cafes managers to have a sense of responsibility in implementing health protocols according to specified rules.

Musicians or artists have been facilitated to return to work and restore their economies affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For this reason, they are also asked to help government in controlling the pandemic.

"We both should understand that the pandemic requires awareness, responsibility, and wisdom from all parties, in this case the managers, musicians or artists and visitors. We facilitate and give musicians opportunity that should be used properly. But they shouldn't careless in implementing health protocols," he stated.

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