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Temui Buruh, Gubernur Anies Sampaikan Telah Surati Kemnaker Terkait UMP
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Meeting Workers, Anies: Letter Regarding UMP 2022 Has Been Sent to Ministry of Manpower

Hundreds workers who are members of Federation of Indonesian Metal Workers Union (FSMPI) and Confederation of Indonesian Trade Union (KSPI) held demonstration regarding Provincial Minimum Wage (UMP) 2022 at Jakarta City Hall, Monday (11/29). On that occasion, Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan came and met them.

That's why we sent letter according to the procedure that formula must provide sense of justice

Initially, he appreciated workers who had demonstrated to voice their aspirations. "I want to repeat the message, that we in Indonesia have so many problems and challenges. But we have people who care to solve the problems. There are million workers and my friends choose to be here to fight for the fate of workers," he said as quoted from Jakarta PPID Press Release.

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He said that he had heard the workers' demands. Jakarta Government has also sent letter to Ministry of Manpower regarding UMP 2022 thus UMP 2022 in Jakarta can be different from other provinces, because Jakarta Government views that increase in UMP 2022 is too small for Jakarta. 

"I have heard what was said. We have met many times and we want everyone in Jakarta to feel prosperous, including workers. We also have the same view as our friends," he conveyed.

"So, last week we sent letter to Minister of Manpower. We see that PP 36 whose formula is given for all regions in Indonesia. We all accept the formula, including the numbers. When implemented in Jakarta, workers only experience increase as much as Rp 38,000. We see the number is very small compared to previous years," he explained.

He believed that initiative to send letter to Minister of Manpower was based on sense of justice. "That's why we sent letter according to the procedure that formula must provide sense of justice. We are in the discussion phase. We hope that in Jakarta, both workers and businessmen will feel justice," he mentioned.

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