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Enam Titik Jalan Berlubang di Senen Ditambal
photo Anita Karyati -

Six Potholes Repaired in Senen

Senen Sub-district Bina Marga Unit personnel repaired potholes on the roads in the region to ensure road users' safety and comfort.

This repair is carried out to follow up report from RCM and based on our personnel's monitoring

Senen Sub-district Bina Marga Unit Head, Senen Muhajir Yunus stated, his side repaired 6 potholes on three roads, namely Jalan Kramat Raya, Jalan Senen Raya, and Jalan Salemba.

"This repair is carried out to follow up report from RCM and based on our personnel's monitoring," he mentioned, Sunday (12/19).

Bina Marga Repairs Road Potholes in Tanjung Priok Urban Village

Six potholes that had been repaired were measuring 2 x 0.8 meters; 0.8 x 06 meters; 2.2 x 0.8 meters; 2.6 x 0.8 meters and 1.4 x 1.2 meters. Potholes were repaired using cold mix asphalt and baby roller.

"Roads have potholes because of rainwater. It is also done to prevent traffic accidents, especially for two-wheeler," he added.

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