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Empat Titik Jalan Berlubang di Gambir Diperbaiki
photo Anita Karyati -

Damaged Roads in Gambir Being Repaired

The Gambir Sub-district Bina Marga  Executing Unit, Central Jakarta has started repairing damaged roads at four spots. 

The roads are damaged after intense rain pours the city lately

Gambir Sub-district Bina Marga  Executing Unit Head, Guruh W Pramuyudha said, those four spots were Jalan Musi Cideng, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Jalan Ir H Juanda, and Jalan Petojo Sabangan.

"The roads are damaged after intense rain pours the city lately. To do repair, we use cold mix asphalt," he expressed, Saturday (12/25).

In 2021, East Jakarta City Park and Forestry Repairs Collapsed Retaining Walls in 4 Public Cemeteries

Four spots of road being repaired have the size of 2.1×0.6 square meters (Jalan Musi Cideng), 1.1×0.5 square meters (Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat), 2×0.4 square meters (Jalan Ir H Juanda), and 6.1×0.6 square meters (Jalan Petojo, Sabangan).

"We use baby roller and cold mix asphalts to repair them," he said.

He added, it was carried out to create a sense of safe and comfortable for the passing vehicles. 

"It also aims to prevent traffic accident, especially motorists," he explained.

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