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Transjakarta Integrasikan Rute Ragunan - Blok M via Kemang ke Kawasan CSW
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Transjakarta Integrates Ragunan - Blok M via Kemang to CSW Area

Transjakarta with Ragunan - Blok M via Kemang (6N) route is now integrated with Corridor 1 (Blok M - Kota) and Corridor 13 (Tendean - Ciledug).

It aims is to help passengers who want to continue their trip

Previously, PT Transjakarta had adjusted its operational for Ragunan - Blok M via Kemang (6N) route which would pick up and drop off passengers at the Attorney General's Office Bus Stop, South Jakarta.

The Attorney General's Office itself is part of the CSW Integration Bus Stop which integrates several Transjakarta services, such as Blok M - Kota (Corridor 1), Ciledug - Tendean to ASEAN MRT Station.

Passengers Allowed to Break Fast Inside Transjakarta Bus during Ramadan

Angelina Betris Acting Corporate Secretary and Public Relations Head of PT Transjakarta said the adjustment was in line with the company's commitment to providing mass transportation services that were integrated not only physically but also in terms of services.

"It aims is to help passengers who want to continue their trip through other Transjakarta services or switch to other modes of transportation," she expressed, Wednesday (4/6).

She hoped that it could streamline trip time to facilitate passengers to carry out their activities. They can enjoy this service every day from 5 AM - 9:30 PM.

They are required to tap in and out of the bus reader device at a rate of Rp 3,500 for one way.

"In the future, Transjakarta will continue to integrate and provide transportation services that are safe, comfortable, and affordable for the community," he stated.

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